Action Supply, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan

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Action Supply, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan at Action Supply, Inc. in the Retail Trade industry has 22 investment options, and a total of $1,823,991.00 in assets. With 160 participants, the Action Supply, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan has an average balance per participant of $11,399.94.

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The Wealthminder rating is a quantitative scoring of 401k plans based on information submitted in regulatory filing documents. The rating was developed by Wealthminder and benchmarks a company's 401k plan against other plans in its industry peer group.

Wealthminder designed the rating to help employees to evaluate the relative quality of their employer's 401k plan, as well as for administrators to identify areas where they can make improvements.

Component Rating
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Employee Participation Rate
Employee Contribution Level
Average Balance Size
Action Supply, Inc. Details
1413 Stagecoach Road
Seaville, NJ 08230-1113
Total Assets
Filing Year
Plan Type
Single Employer
Total Participants
Plan Investment Options
Current Value
Vanguard Target Retire 2025 Opt
Transamerica Life
Vanguard Target Retire 2045 Opt
Transamerica Life
Vanguard Target Retirement Inc Ret
Transamerica Life
Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 Ret
Transamerica Life
Transamerica Partners High Yld Bond
Transamerica Life
Wmc Quality Growth Equity
Transamerica Life
Loomis Sayles Bond Ret Opt
Transamerica Life
Vanguard Target Retire 2035 Opt
Transamerica Life
American Century Large Co Value
Transamerica Life
Franklin Flex Cap Growth Inv Opt
Transamerica Life
Partners Stock Index Ret Option
Transamerica Life
Ssga Mid Cap Index
Transamerica Life
Wells Fargo Adv Small Cap Value
Transamerica Life
Oppenheimer Global Ret Opt
Transamerica Life
Invesco International Growth
Transamerica Life
Dreyfus International Value Inv
Transamerica Life
Transamerica Partners Mid Value Ret
Transamerica Life
Ssga Small Cap Index
Transamerica Life
Neuberger Berman Larg Cap Value Inv
Transamerica Life
American Funds Balanced
Transamerica Life
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Inv
Transamerica Life
Vanguard Target Retire 2040 Opt
Transamerica Life
Service Providers
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • Atlantic Pension Services, Inc.
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