Completely Safe & Secure

Bank-Level Security

We use the same 256 bit AES encryption banks do when transmitting your data. Sensitive data is stored encrypted and no one has access, not even our employees. We also have our security audited regularly by industry leading third parties like Verisign.

Read-only access

Wealthminder is a read-only system. That means we get information from your financial institutions but no one can make trades or move money through Wealthminder (not even you).

Your privacy matters

Trustworthiness is one of our core principles. We would never sell your personal data to anyone.

Commonly Asked Questions

“Bank-level” security means we adhere to the same security encryption standards as your bank. We routinely run security audits to ensure we meet these standards at all times. On top of internal audits, VeriSign, the internet’s leading online security firm, validates our security.

If someone were to steal your Wealthminder credentials, they would be incapable of inflicting financial harm. For starters, all sensitive information is hidden so no one (not even you) can see account names or numbers. In addition, Wealthminder is read-only, so no can move money or make trades.

Also, we don't ask for your address or other personally identifiable info, so there's little to no risk of identity theft or account fraud.

Your brokerage credentials are needed to form a secure connection between Wealthminder and your brokerage. This allows us to import your financial information and instantly build your portfolio. This one-time process is completely secure and no one, including our own employees, can see your login credentials.

No one, not even Wealthminder employees, can see your account information (like account numbers or login information) or access your brokerage account(s) at any time.

The data gathered during this process is “read-only” which means you can look at your holdings, but you can’t touch them, so no one can ever trade or move money.

We don’t sell your contact information. Earning and maintaining your trust is our highest priority and there’s no quicker way to lose that trust than by selling your information (as many free sites often do).

If you have more questions about our security, send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We’d be happy to talk with you more about our security practices and protocols.